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D-Lib Magazine

I See
by Bonita Wilson

To the Editor: Letters

The New Digital Divide: Dissecting Aggregator Exclusivity Deals
Steven J. Bell, Philadelphia University


Generalizing the OpenURL Framework beyond References to Scholarly Works: The Bison-Futé Model
Herbert Van de Sompel, Cornell University and Oren Beit-Arie, Ex Libris (USA) Inc.

Digital Libraries and Education:Trends and Opportunities
Hans Roes, Tilburg University Library

E-Books and Their Future in Academic Libraries: An Overview
Lucia Snowhill, University of California, Santa Barbara

Penn State Visual Image User Study
Henry Pisciotta, Roger Brisson, Eric Ferrin, Michael Dooris, and Amanda Spink, Pennsylvania State University

Portrait of Lady Fortune.

Lady Fortune, turning her wheel.
Courtesy of the Harvard University Geoffrey Chaucer collection. Used with permission. The Harvard University Geoffrey Chaucer web site is D-Lib Magazine's featured collection this month.


The Harvard University Geoffrey Chaucer Collection
Courtesy of Larry D. Benson, Harvard University

Visual Interfaces to Digital Libraries - The First International Workshop at the First ACM+IEEE Joint Conference on Digital Libraries
Katy Börner, Indiana University and Chaomei Chen, Brunel University

Project ANGEL: Guidance and Guardianship for Networked UK Learners
John Paschoud, London School of Economics Library

The City of Los Angeles Spatial Index is Now Available on the Internet
Steve Gilheany, Archive Builders

Caltech Registers Two Repositories with the Open Archives Initiative
Eric F. Van de Velde, California Institute of Technology

Report from the INSPIRAL Forum, held at the University of Strathclyde, Glasgow, Scotland, June 12, 2001
Sharron Brown, University of Strathclyde

Collection Description Focus
Pete Johnston and Bridget Robinson, University of Bath

Major Datasets Available Online via NESSTAR at the UK Data Archive
Louise Corti, University of Essex

Ejournals and the Web: Standards for Tomorrow A NISO/BASIC Program at the ALA 2001 Annual Convention
Marilyn Geller, National Information Standards Organization (NISO)

CLIRinghouse: News from the Council on Library and Information Resources
Jerry George, Council on Library and Information Resources (CLIR)

In the News: Excerpts from Recent Press Releases


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