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[ Editorial ] National Digital Platform
By Laurence Lannom, Corporation for National Research Initiatives


[ Guest Editorial ] Libraries Advancing the National Digital Platform
By Trevor Owens, Ashley E. Sands, Emily Reynolds, James Neal and Stephen Mayeaux, Institute of Museum and Library Services (IMLS)




B U I L D I N G   E Q U I T A B L E   D I G I T A L   C O M M U N I T I E S


[ Abstract ] [ Article ] SimplyE — More People Discovering More From the Library
By James English and Leonard Richardson, The New York Public Library


[ Abstract ] [ Article ] At the Edges of the National Digital Platform
By Sharon Strover, University of Texas at Austin; Brian Whitacre, Oklahoma State University; Colin Rhinesmith, Simmons College; Alexis Schrubbe, University of Texas at Austin


[ Abstract ] [ Article ] Toward Gigabit Libraries
By Susannah Spellman, U.S. Unified Community Anchor Network, Internet2; James Werle, K20 Initiative, Internet2; Carson Block, Carson Block Consulting


[ Abstract ] [ Article ] On the Record, All the Time: Audiovisual Evidence Management in the 21st Century
By Snowden Becker and Jean-François Blanchette, Department of Information Studies, University of California, Los Angeles


E X P A N D I N G   D I G I T A L   C U L T U R A L   H E R I T A G E   C A P A C I T I E S


[ Abstract ] [ Article ] Diversifying the Digital Historical Record: Integrating Community Archives in National Strategies for Access to Digital Cultural Heritage
By Michelle Caswell, University of California, Los Angeles; Christopher Harter, Amistad Research Center; Bergis Jules, University of California, Riverside


[ Abstract ] [ Article ] ePADD: Computational Analysis Software Facilitating Screening, Browsing, and Access for Historically and Culturally Valuable Email Collections
By Josh Schneider, Peter Chan, Glynn Edwards; Special Collections & University Archives, Stanford Libraries, Stanford University; Sudheendra Hangal, Ashoka University


[ Abstract ] [ Article ] A Community of Relations: Mukurtu Hubs and Spokes
By Kimberly Christen, Alex Merrill and Michael Wynne, Washington State University


[ Abstract ] [ Article ] The National Digital Stewardship Residency: Building a Community of Practice through Postgraduate Training and Education
By Rebecca Fraimow, WGBH; Meridith Beck Mink; Margo Padilla, Metropolitan New York Library Council (METRO)


[ Abstract ] [ Article ] The Software Preservation Network (SPN): A Community Effort to Ensure Long Term Access to Digital Cultural Heritage
By Jessica Meyerson, Briscoe Center for American History, UT-Austin; Zach Vowell, California Polytechnic State University; Wendy Hagenmaier, Georgia Institute of Technology; Aliza Leventhal, Sasaki Associates; Fernando Rios, Johns Hopkins University; Elizabeth Russey Roke, Emory University; Tim Walsh, Canadian Centre for Architecture


[ Abstract ] [ Article ] The Digital Public Library of America and the National Digital Platform
By Emily Gore, Michael Della Bitta and Dan Cohen, Digital Public Library of America


[ Abstract ] [ Article ] Transforming Libraries and Archives through Crowdsourcing
By Victoria Van Hyning and Chris Lintott, University of Oxford, Zooniverse; Samantha Blickhan and Laura Trouille, The Adler Planetarium, Zooniverse


O P E N I N G   S C H O L A R L Y   C O M M U N I C A T I O N S


[ Abstract ] [ Article ] SHARE: Community-focused Infrastructure and a Public Goods, Scholarly Database to Advance Access to Research
By Cynthia R. Hudson-Vitale, Washington University in St. Louis; Richard P. Johnson, University of Notre Dame; Judy Ruttenberg, Association of Research Libraries; Jeffrey R. Spies, Center for Open Science, University of Virginia


[ Abstract ] [ Article ] Expanding the Librarian's Tech Toolbox: The "Digging Deeper, Reaching Further: Librarians Empowering Users to Mine the HathiTrust Digital Library" Project
By Harriett Green and Eleanor Dickson, University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign


[ Abstract ] [ Article ] Scaling Up Ensuring the Integrity of the Digital Scholarly Record
By Kim Dulin and Adam Ziegler, Harvard Library Innovation Lab, Harvard Law Library


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F E A T U R E D   D I G I T A L   C O L L E C T I O N

The Kent State Shootings Digital Archive contains featured digitized content from the May 4 Collection, an archive established by the Kent State University Libraries in 1970, containing over 300 cubic feet of primary sources related to the Kent State shootings and their aftermath.


[ National Guard personnel move toward Taylor Hall after tear gas has been deployed, Kent State, May 4, 1970. This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial 4.0 International License. ]

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E D I T O R I A L   S T A F F

Laurence Lannom, Editor-in-Chief
Allison Powell, Associate Editor
Catherine Rey, Managing Editor
Bonita Wilson, Contributing Editor



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