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D-Lib Magazine

Reports on Special Events
by Bonita Wilson


E-Books: Challenges and Opportunities
John Cox, National University of Ireland, Galway

Visualizing Bibliographic Metadata - A Virtual (Book) Spine Viewer
Naomi Dushay, Cornell University

An Orderly Retreat from the Big Deal: Is It Possible for Consortia?
Jeffrey N. Gatten, Kent State University and Tom Sanville, OhioLINK

Conference Reports
Developing a Web Analytics Strategy for the National Science Digital Library
Casey Jones and Michael Wright, University Corporation for Atmospheric Research; Sarah Giersch, iLumina Digital Library; Tamara Sumner, University of Colorado, Boulder; Anita Coleman, University of Arizona; and Laura Bartolo, Kent State University

Portable soft drink stand at Bowling Green Office Building, New York City, October 1, 1942

Portable soft drink stand at Bowling Green Office Building, New York City, October 1, 1942. Copyright © 2004, The Trustees of Indiana University.

The Charles W. Cushman Collection is D-Lib Magazine's featured collection this month.


Report on the 8th European Conference on Digital Libraries (ECDL 2004): 12 - 16 September 2004, Bath, United Kingdom
Jonas Holmström, Swedish School of Economics and Business Administration

Cross-Language Evaluation Forum - CLEF 2004: 15 - 17 September 2004, Bath, United Kingdom
Carol Peters, ISTI-CNR

Healthcare Digital Libraries Workshop - HDL 2004: 16 September 2004, Bath, United Kingdom
Anne Adams, University College London and Patty Kostkova, City University, London

ECDL 2004 Workshop Report - Networked Organization Systems/Services (NKOS): User-centred Approaches
Marianne Lykke Nielsen, Royal School of Library and Information Science, Denmark

The Charles W. Cushman Collection
Kristine Brancolini, Indiana University

RCDL 2004: Sixth Russian Conference on Digital Libraries: Pushchino, Russia, September 29 - October 1, 2004
Arkady Avramenko and Leonid Kalinichenko, Russian Academy of Sciences

DELOS and the Future of Digital Libraries
Andreas Rauber, Vienna University of Technology, Austria

ACRL 2005 Awards Program
Megan Bielefeld, Association of College and Research Librarians (ACRL)

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(On October 19, two links regarding the Cushman collection were changed at the request of Kristine Brancolini, Indiana University.)



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