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Memorial Tribute to Barry Leiner
by Robert E. Kahn


Trends in the Evolution of the Public Web:
1998 - 2002
Edward T. O'Neill, Brian F. Lavoie, and Rick Bennett, OCLC Office of Research

The Fedora Project: An Open-source Digital Object Repository Management System
Thornton Staples and Ross Wayland, University of Virginia and Sandra Payette, Cornell University

 from the Learning
 Curve site

Image from the Learning Curve exhibition on Victorian Britain.
Courtesy of The National Archives, London
(COPY 1/275). Used with permission.
Learning Curve is D-Lib Magazine's featured collection this month.


State of the Dublin Core Metadata Initiative, April 2003
Makx Dekkers, DCMI, and Stuart Weibel, OCLC Office of Research

Preservation Metadata: Pragmatic First Steps at the National Library of New Zealand
Sam Searle and Dave Thompson, National Library of New Zealand

How Many People Search the ERIC Database Each Day?
Lawrence M. Rudner, University of Maryland, College Park

Encoded Archival Description on the Internet
Daniel V. Pitti and Wendy M. Duff, Editors, Haworth Press, (December 2002)
Reviewed by: Helen R. Tibbo, University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill

"...the compilation provides an excellent introduction to Encoded Archival Description and contextualization for its use."

Enhancing the Marketplace of Archival Ideas
A review of two journals - Archival Science: International Journal on Recorded Information and the Journal of Archival Organization
Reviewed by: Elizabeth Yakel, University of Michigan

"...welcome developments that will hopefully make the "marketplace of archival ideas" more lively and vibrant"

Learning Curve
Thomas O'Leary, The National Archives, London

Report on the NLM/AMPA Archiving Forum
Nancy K. Roderer, Johns Hopkins University

Copyright and Licensing for Digital Preservation
Margaret-Mary O'Mahony, Loughborough University

The Public Knowledge Project
John Willinsky, University of British Columbia

Manifesto on Open Access to Scholarly Literature
Alex Byrne, University of Technology, Sydney

The Internet Archive OAI-PMH Implementation
Jonathan Aizen, Internet Archive

ERPANET Launches Two New erpaProducts
Peter McKinney and Monica Greenan, ERPANET

BOAI Discussion List Launched
Peter Suber, Earlham College

ERIL: Electronic Resources in Libraries
Joan Conger, University of Georgia

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