An Application of Informedia® Technology

Alexander G. Hauptmann, Michael J. Witbrock, and Michael G. Christel
School of Computer Science
Carnegie Mellon University
5000 Forbes Ave.
Pittsburgh, PA 15213-3890


The Informedia®: News-on-Demand system is an innovative example of indexing and searching broadcast video and audio material by text content. News-on-Demand is a fully-automatic system that monitors TV, radio and text news and allows selective retrieval of news stories based on spoken queries. The user may choose among the retrieved stories and play back the news stories of interest. The system runs on a Pentium PC using MPEG-I video compression. Speech recognition is done on a separate platform using the Sphinx-II continuous speech recognition system.

Keywords: MPEG video compression, speech recognition, real-time news processing, full content video search and retrieval, multimedia database search, language processing.


  • Goals of the Informedia Digital Library Project
  • News-on-Demand
  • The Informedia: News-on-Demand library creation process
  • How News-on-Demand Works
  • A Walk-Through of some Key Features in News-on-Demand
  • Research Issues in Informedia: News-on-Demand
  • News-on-Demand: Types of Errors
  • News-on-Demand: Conclusions
  • Informedia News-on-Demand: References

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