How News-on-Demand Works

An MPEG encoded video of an early version of our News-on-Demand system
in action can be seen in Informedia:News-on-Demand-I
(May 1995; 39 579 744 bytes).

If you would like to see what the interface to News-on-Demand looks like, we will walk you through a few screens in the next few pages and point out some of the key features. If wish to skip the walk-through, you can go on directly to the research issues in News-on-Demand. Especially those readers who have not seen the News-on-Demand video may want to get a feel for the interface features presented in the Walk-through.

Index of the Screen Walk-through

  • Search Dialogue
  • Text Result Selection
  • Text Retrieval
  • Audio Paragraph Selection
  • Audio Playback
  • Video Filmstrip Selection
  • Video Retrieval
  • Video Playback
  • Video Transcript and Scene Following

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