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September/October 2014
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C L I P S   A N D   P O I N T E R S

September/October 2014


In Print

  • NMC Horizon Report: 2014 Library Edition, produced by the New Media Consortium (NMC) in collaboration with University of Applied Sciences (HTW) Chur, Technische Informationsbibliothek (TIB) Hannover, and ETH-Bibliothek Zurich, 2014

    "The NMC Horizon Report: 2014 Library Edition, examines key trends, significant challenges, and emerging technologies for their potential impact on academic and research libraries worldwide. While there are many local factors affecting libraries, there are also issues that transcend regional boundaries and common questions; it was with these questions in mind that this report was created."

  • The State of Reference Collections, by Elisabeth Leonard, MSLS, MBA, Executive Market Research Manager, SAGE, June 2014.

    From the Abstract: "SAGE conducted research that shows that the introduction of new technologies, the pervasive nature of free internet sources, and tightened budgets have caused librarians to conceive of and purchase reference differently. Reference service, whether it is provided at a service desk or via research consultations, remains necessary because patrons are overwhelmed by the abundance of information, leaving librarians to serve as research guides who may point patrons to reference resources without ever referring to them as 'reference.'"

  • Estimates of the Continuously Publishing Core in the Scientific Workforce, by John P.A. Ioannidis, Kevin W. Boyack, and Richard Klavans, PLoS ONE 9(7).

    From the Abstract: "The proportion of the scientific workforce that maintains a continuous uninterrupted stream of publications each and every year over many years is very limited, but it accounts for the lion's share of researchers with high citation impact. This finding may have implications for the structure, stability and vulnerability of the scientific workforce."

  • What Does the Hathitrust Decision Mean for Libraries?, by Jonathan Band, Washington, D.C.: Library Copyright Alliance, 7 July 2014.

    From the first paragraph of the paper: "The library community welcomed the decision of the U.S. Court of Appeals for the Second Circuit in Authors Guild v. HathiTrust, __ F. 3d __, 2014 WL 2576342 (2nd Cir. 2014). The decision has implications for libraries that go far beyond the specific facts of the case. This paper offers some preliminary thoughts on what these implications may be."

  • Project Information Literacy's Lifelong Learning Study: Phase One: Interviews with Recent Graduates , Research Brief by Alison J. Head, Ph.D., Director and Principal Investigator, Project Information Literacy, The Information School, University of Washington, July 29, 2014.

    "During spring 2014, Project Information Literacy (PIL) completed Phase One of a two-year, large-scale study of college graduates and lifelong learning. PIL researchers conducted 35-minute telephone interviews with 63 recent college graduates from 10 US colleges and universities. Trends from our qualitative interviews will be used to inform the quantitative online survey that will be administered in Phase Two (fall 2014) to a total of 75,000 recent graduates from the 10 schools in our institutional sample."

  • Interactive Online Learning on Campus: Testing MOOCs and Other Platforms in Hybrid Formats in the University System of Maryland, by Rebecca Griffiths, Matthew Chingos, Christine Mulhern, and Richard Spies. Copyright 2014 ITHAKA. This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial 4.0 International License.

    From the Executive Summary: "Online learning technologies show promise for educating more people in innovative ways that can lower costs for universities and colleges. This study represents the latest of Ithaka S+R's efforts to examine the 'what' and the 'how' of adopting these technologies in universities and colleges – what impact does their use have on learning outcomes and costs of delivering undergraduate instruction, and, if these technologies are shown to be effective, how can their use be accelerated and scaled up across institutions in strategic ways? A key objective of this study was to learn how faculty can take advantage of existing online content – sometimes created by professors at other institutions – to redesign their courses and benefit their students, and whether efficiencies can be created in this process."

  • Report for Jisc Collections on Total Cost of Ownership Project: Data Capture and Process, by Dr. Hazel M. Woodward and Helen L Henderson, May 2014, Information Power Ltd.

    From the Background to the report: "Information Power Ltd (IPL) were contracted to undertake a data collection exercise during March and April 2014 in order to obtain real data for Jisc Collections to input into their modelling tool for publisher negotiations for Total Cost of Ownership (TCoO). During the data collection exercise a number of issues arose which were felt significant enough for Jisc and Jisc Collections to ask for further feedback on the data collection and the processes. It must be remembered that the briefing for this specific project was data collection for the sole purpose of Jisc Collections negotiations, but the comments on the report extend beyond that specific data requirement."

  • The e-book phenomenon: a disruptive technology, by T.D. Wilson, in Information Research, Volume 19, Number 2, Paper 612, June 2014.

    From the Abstract: "The e-book and its associated technology have emerged as a disruptive technology over the past ten years. The aim of this paper is to discuss some of the consequences of this development, based on the work of the e-books in Sweden research project."

  • Faster and Cheaper: Can a Digital-Centric Workflow Transform the Book Review?, by Oona Schmid, Ithaka S+R, August 2014.

    "Academic authors in the humanities and social sciences often wait three or more years to see the first reviews of their scholarly monographs. Why does it take so long? As Oona Schmid, director of publishing at the American Anthropological Association (AAA), describes in our latest issue brief, it is because book reviewing still relies on a print-centric system. Thanks to funding from the Alfred P. Sloan Foundation, the AAA is now developing a prototype to completely re-imagine the book review process to make it both 'faster and cheaper.' With a speedier book revew workflow in place, Scmid argues, publishers, authors, and the larger scholarly community all stand to gain."

  • NISO Newsline, August 2014.

    "NISO's free monthly e-newsletter reports on the latest NISO news, highlights new specifications and standards of interest including calls for public review and comment, abstracts significant media stories on topics of interest to the NISO community, and links to news releases of NISO member organizations."

  • Library of Congress Digital Preservation Newsletter (August 2014), published by the Library of Congress.

    "In this issue:

    • Digital Preservation 2014: It's a Thing
    • Preserving Born Digital News
    • LOLCats and Libraries with Amanda Brennan
    • Digital Preservation Questions and Answers
    • End-of-Life Care for Aging, Fragile CDs
    • Education Program updates
    • Interviews with Henry Jenkins and Trevor Blank
    • More on Digital Preservation 2014
    • NDSA News, and more"
  • ERCIM News,Special Theme: Smart Cities, No. 98, July 2014.

    "ERCIM News is the magazine of the European Research Consortium for Informatics and Mathematics (ERCIM). It reports on joint actions of the ERCIM partners, and aims to reflect the contribution made by ERCIM to the European Community in Information Technology. Through short articles and news items, it provides a forum for the exchange of information between the institutes and also with the wider scientific community. ERCIM News is published quarterly."

  • Code4Lib Journal, Issue 25, July 21, 2014.

    "The Code4Lib Journal exists to foster community and share information among those interested in the intersection of libraries, technology, and the future."

  • OSTI.gov Newsletter, Issue 8, July/August 2014, Office of Scientific and Technical Information.

    In this issue:

    • OSTI Conducting Pilots with National Labs, DOE-Funded Authors in Preparation for Launching Public Access Gateway to Scientific Publications
    • The DOE Scientific and Technical Information Program: Raising the Bar for DOE R&D Results
    • The National Library of EnergyBeta: Cool Search Tool for Summer
    • Search Tip: National Library of EnergyBeta New Search
    • OSTI Products Highlighted in DOE Open Government Plan 3.0
    • ScienceCinema Has a New Look
    • OSTI and Social Media: A Great Way to "Share" DOE STI
    • OpenNet Celebrates 20th Anniversary
    • Meet Tim Byrne
    • What Is Explore by Subject at SciTech Connect?
    • DOE Science Showcase: Biofuels
    • Latest from the OSTIblog
  • NISO Working Group Connection, July 2014.

    "Working Group Connection is a quarterly supplement to NISO Newsline. This issue contains reports from the Business Information Topic Committee, the Content & Collection Management Topic Committee and the Discovery to Delivery Topic Committee."


Point to Point

  • ASIS&T Blog.

    "This is a new, official blog of the Association for Information Science and Technology."


Calls for Participation

  • Artstor announces new Digital Humanities Award. Call for entries. The submission deadline is 15 October 2014.

    "Winners will receive five years' free use of Shared Shelf cloud-based asset management tool....As a non-profit institution working to derive shared solutions to challenges of the digital world, Artstor believes that the Digital Humanities Awards will recognize and help support innovative and intellectually stimulating projects in the field – and give digital scholars the chance to create and maintain those projects using Shared Shelf."

  • Sixteenth International Conference on Grey Literature, 8 - 9 December 2014, Washington, DC, USA. Call for posters. The submission deadline is 15 October 2014.

    "Decision and policy makers need to be informed on the value and wealth of grey literature, thus legitimizing further investments in this field of information. Lobbying grey literature has its very roots in this international conference series, which has grown and rallies over the past two decades by promoting research and publishing their results. The grey literature lobby seeks to guarantee that the interests of a diverse and widespread community of information professionals and practitioners are served."

  • The International Conference on Computer Graphics, Multimedia and Image Processing (CGMIP2014), 17 - 19 November 2014, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. Call for papers. The submission deadline is 17 October 2014.

    "The conference aims to enable researchers build connections between different digital applications. The event will be held over three days, with presentations delivered by researchers from the international community, including presentations from keynote speakers and state-of-the-art lectures."

  • 1st International Conference on Geographical Information Systems Theory, Applications and Management - GISTAM 2015, 28 - 30 April 2015, Barcelona, Spain. Call for papers. The submission deadline is 19 November 2014.

    "The International Conference on Geographical Information Systems Theory, Applications and Management aims at creating a meeting point of researchers and practitioners that address new challenges in geo-spatial data sensing, observation, representation, processing, visualization, sharing and managing, in all aspects concerning both information communication and technologies (ICT) as well as management information systems and knowledge-based systems."

  • 10th International Conference on Evaluation of Novel Approaches to Software Engineering - ENASE 2015, 29 - 30 April 2015, Barcelona, Spain. Call for papers. The submission deadline is 19 November 2014.

    "The mission of the ENASE (Evaluation of Novel Approaches to Software Engineering) conferences is to be a prime international forum to discuss and publish research findings and IT industry experiences with relation to evaluation of novel approaches to software engineering. The conference acknowledges necessary changes in systems and software thinking due to contemporary shifts of computing paradigm to e-services, cloud computing, mobile connectivity, business processes, and societal participation. By comparing novel approaches with established traditional practices and by evaluating them against systems and software quality criteria, ENASE conferences advance knowledge and research in software engineering, including and emphasizing service-oriented, business-process driven, and ubiquitous mobile computing."

  • 17th International Conference on Enterprise Information Systems - ICEIS 2015, 29 - 30 April 2015, Barcelona, Spain. Call for papers. The submission deadline is 19 November 2014.

    "The purpose of the 17th International Conference on Enterprise Information Systems (ICEIS) is to bring together researchers, engineers and practitioners interested in the advances and business applications of information systems. Six simultaneous tracks will be held, covering different aspects of Enterprise Information Systems Applications, including Enterprise Database Technology, Systems Integration, Artificial Intelligence, Decision Support Systems, Information Systems Analysis and Specification, Internet Computing, Electronic Commerce, Human Factors and Enterprise Architecture."


Goings On

  • NISO Webinar: 21st Century Resource Sharing: Which Inter-Library Loan Standard Should I Use? 15 October 2014, 1:00 p.m. - 2:30 p.m. (U.S. Eastern Time).

    "Over time standards were developed to automate many of the processes involved in ILL to reduce the costs and staff load required to handle the requests. Additionally, self-service aspects have been built into systems and standards. Several different standards exist, including the NISO Circulation Interchange Protocol (NCIP, Z39.83), the Standard Interchange Protocol (SIP), originally developed by 3M and now becoming a NISO standard, and the ISO series of Open Systems Interconnection ILL Protocol standards (ISO 10160, 10161-1, and 10161-2), which is in the process of being replaced by a new ISO standard on ILL Transactions (ISO/DIS 18626). This webinar will explore these standards, discuss their differences and potential overlaps, and discuss when it makes sense to use which or whether they are all needed."

  • Netspeed 2014: The Human Side of Technology, 16 - 17 October 2014, Edmunton, Alberta, Canada.

    "Netspeed is a leading library technology conference that connects librarians, library technicians, and information technology staff from public, academic, government, and special libraries from Western Canada and beyond. Technology is embedded in virtually every aspect of the library experience and the Netspeed conference addresses this convergence of people and technology."

  • Internet Librarian International 2014, 20 - 22 October 2014, London, United Kingdom.

    "Attracting hundreds of library and information professionals from around the world each year, Internet Librarian International's focus is on practical knowledge and ideas-sharing."

  • NISO Forum: Web Technologies as a Distribution Platform: Implications and Opportunities, 21 - 22 October 2014, Chicago, Illinois, USA.

    "Web technologies have changed, and continue to change, the way that content is delivered to libraries and to users. Currently e-journals are delivered through platforms but the final object is still often a PDF file. E-books are generally delivered as a downloadable file to a stand-alone e-reader. However, with the advent of the Open Web Platform using standards such as HTML5, we are looking at a new era of separating the content from the container. The web as a distribution platform offers many new opportunities for more utilization of multimedia and streaming media, embedding of apps, increased linkages and interoperability between related content, greater interactivity with content, social sharing of user-generated content related to a 'publication,' text mining, and much more that hasn't even been imagined yet."

  • 6th International Conference on Knowledge Discovery and Information Retrieval - KDIR 2014, 21 - 24 October 2014, Rome, Italy.

    "Knowledge Discovery is an interdisciplinary area focusing upon methodologies for identifying valid, novel, potentially useful and meaningful patterns from data, often based on underlying large data sets. A major aspect of Knowledge Discovery is data mining, i.e. applying data analysis and discovery algorithms that produce a particular enumeration of patterns (or models) over the data. Knowledge Discovery also includes the evaluation of patterns and identification of which add to knowledge. Information retrieval (IR) is concerned with gathering relevant information from unstructured and semantically fuzzy data in texts and other media, searching for information within documents and for metadata about documents, as well as searching relational databases and the Web. Automation of information retrieval enables the reduction of what has been called 'information overload'."

  • 6th International Conference on Knowledge Engineering and Ontology Development - KEOD 2014, 21 - 24 October 2014, Rome, Italy.

    "Knowledge Engineering (KE) refers to all technical, scientific and social aspects involved in building, maintaining and using knowledge-based systems. KE is a multidisciplinary field, bringing in concepts and methods from several computer science domains such as artificial intelligence, databases, expert systems, decision support systems and geographic information systems. Ontology Development (OD) aims at building reusable semantic structures that can be informal vocabularies, catalogs, glossaries as well as more complex finite formal structures representing the entities within a domain and the relationships between those entities."

  • 6th International Conference on Knowledge Management and Information Sharing - KMIS 2014, 21 - 24 October 2014, Rome, Italy.

    "Knowledge Management (KM) is a discipline concerned with the analysis and technical support of practices used in an organization to identify, create, represent, distribute and enable the adoption and leveraging of good practices embedded in collaborative settings and, in particular, in organizational processes. Effective knowledge management is an increasingly important source of competitive advantage, and a key to the success of contemporary organizations, bolstering the collective expertise of its employees and partners. Information Sharing (IS) is a term used for a long time in the information technology (IT) lexicon, related to data exchange, communication protocols and technological infrastructures. Although standardization is indeed an essential element for sharing information, IS effectiveness requires going beyond the syntactic nature of IT and delve into the human functions involved in the semantic, pragmatic and social levels of organizational semiotics. The two areas are intertwined as information sharing is the foundation for knowledge management."

  • Internet Librarian, 27 - 29 October 2014, Monterey, California, USA.

    "This year's Internet Librarian 2014 focuses on the exciting, creative and innovative ways that librarians are not just participating, but driving, the digital directions in their communities. It reflects the strategies, services and tools that enable librarians to engage, connect and build relationships with their communities."

  • 2014 IEEE International Conference on Big Data (IEEE BigData 2014), 27 - 30 October 2014, Washington, DC, USA.

    "In recent years, 'Big Data' has become a new ubiquitous term. Big Data is transforming science, engineering, medicine, healthcare, finance, business, and ultimately society itself. The IEEE International Conference on Big Data 2014 (IEEE BigData 2014) provides a leading forum for disseminating the latest research in Big Data Research, Development, and Application."

  • 15th International Conference on Music Information Retrieval Conference - ISMIR 2014, 27 - 31 October 2014, Taipei, Taiwan.

    "The annual conference of the International Society for Music Information Retrieval (ISMIR) is the world's leading interdisciplinary forum on accessing, analyzing, and organizing digital music of all sorts. The ISMIR conference embraces the complexity and diversity of music by showcasing ideas and applications that enhance the way in which we interact with music. Centered around MIR, the conference aims to foster dialogue across disciplines by bringing together researchers, developers, educators, librarians, students and professionals, providing multifaceted interaction and cross-fertilization that will benefit a wide range of related fields."

  • 77th ASIS&T Annual Meeting: Connecting Collections, Cultures, and Communities, 31 October - 4 November 2014, Seattle, Washington, USA.

    "The Annual Meeting of the Association for Information Science and Technology is the premier international conference dedicated to the study of information, people, and technology in contemporary society. The ASIS&T AM gathers leading scholars and practitioners from around the globe to share innovations, ideas, research, and insights into the state and future of information and communication in play, work, governance, and society."

  • 22nd ACM International Conference on Multimedia, 3 - 7 November 2014, Orlando, Florida, USA.

    "Since the founding of ACM SIGMM in 1993, ACM Multimedia has been the worldwide premier conference and a key world event to display scientific achievements and innovative industrial products in the multimedia field. At ACM Multimedia 2014, we will celebrate its twenty-second iteration with an extensive program consisting of technical sessions covering all aspects of the multimedia field in forms of oral and poster presentations, tutorials, panels, exhibits, demonstrations and workshops, bringing into focus the principal subjects of investigation, competitions of research teams on challenging problems, and also an interactive art program stimulating artists and computer scientists to meet and discover together the frontiers of artistic communication."

  • KM World, 4 - 7 November 2014, Washington, DC, USA.

    "KMWorld 2014 offers a wide-ranging program especially focused to meet the needs of executives and strategic business and technology decision makers. This is a must-attend for those concerned with improving their organization's bottom line, business processes and productivity, as well as streamlining operations and accelerating development and innovation in their evolving enterprises."

  • 5th EUROMED 2014: Progress in Cultural Heritage e-Documentation, Preservation and Protection, 4 - 8 November 2014, Limassol, Cyprus.

    "The ultimate aim of the 5th EuroMed conference will be to bring together as many stakeholders as possible from different backgrounds in order to achieve a high level of mutual understanding of the needs, the requirements and the technical means of meeting them. Therefore, our common goal is to focus on interdisciplinary and multi-disciplinary research on tangible and intangible Cultural Heritage, the use of cutting edge technologies for the protection, preservation, conservation, massive digitalisation and visualization/presentation of the Cultural Heritage content (archeological sites, artifacts, monuments, libraries, archives, museums, etc). At the same time, the event is intended to cover topics of research ready for exploitation, demonstrating the acceptability of new sustainable approaches and new technologies by the user community, SME's, owners, managers and conservators of cultural patrimony."

  • ICADL 2014 - The International Conference on Asia-Pacific Digital Libraries, 5 - 7 November 2014, Chiang Mai, Thailand.

    "The topics of the conference are divided into 5 areas, of which the 'Digital Humanities' is specifically highlighted because it is an emerging issue and the aspect of Asia-Pacific's digital humanities is quite unique and exclusive which must be valuable for sharing in an international forum."

  • Brick and Click Libraries conference, 7 November 2014, Maryville, Missouri, USA.

    "Now in its 14th year, the Brick and Click Libraries conference (#BrickClickLib) is a one-day event featuring concurrent and lightning round sessions that explore cutting-edge technologies, practical solutions, and timely topics. The conference supports the academic information needs of both on-ground (brick) and online (click) students, library professionals and paraprofessionals."

  • International Conference on Information Society (i-Society 2014), 10 - 12 November 2014, London, United Kingdom.

    "The International Conference on Information Society (i-Society 2014) is a global knowledge-enriched collaborative effort that has its roots from both academia and industry. The conference covers a wide spectrum of topics that relate to information society, which includes technical and non-technical research areas."

  • Investing in Opportunity: Policy Practice and Planning for a Sustainable Digital Future, 17 - 18 November 2014, London, United Kingdom.

    "Working jointly with the membership of the DPC, the conference will compare the strategic economic aspirations of funders and policy makers against the practical experience of digital preservation, including perspectives from practitioners, vendors and users of digit preservation services. It will identify emerging best practice and will provide a forum for needs and practical requirements to be articulated."

  • Data Infrastructure: The Importance of Quality and Integrity, 20 November 2014, Alexandria, Virginia, USA.

    "This one-day workshop is a must for anyone involved in creating, managing, or using scientific data. The Open Data movement dramatically is changing the flows as well as the roles of all involved. The workshop will explore the technical, financial, political, and social/cultural forces that must be explored when assessing the quality and integrity of the data. We will explore with major stakeholders how can we rely on the quality and integrity of the data that are becoming increasingly available."

  • DPTP: An Introduction to Digital Preservation, 24 - 25 November 2014, London, United Kingdom.

    "The Digital Preservation Training Programme is pleased to announce the next dates for our new course, 'DPTP: An Introduction to Digital Preservation' to be delivered on 24th - 25th November 2014. This entry-level two-day long course is aimed at complete beginners who wish to learn more about the field. It is ideal for starters in all disciplines who want to know more about digital preservation."

  • 5th International Symposium on Information Management in a Changing World, 24 - 26 November 2014, Antalya, Turkey.

    "'Research Data Management and Knowledge Discovery' being the main theme of the Symposium, IMCW2014 aims to bring together researchers, data scientists, computer engineers, data repository managers, information scientists and information professionals, data librarians and archivists to discuss the issues pertinent to research data management and open data repositories, and to contemplate on how to design and develop innovative and collaborative knowledge discovery and mining services over the research data."

  • 10th International Conference on Knowledge Management, 24 - 26 November 2014, Antalya, Turkey.

    "Research and innovation is the main driver of economic development and social welfare. Innovative and collaborative knowledge discovery services and technology management facilitate research and provides further impetus for new discoveries. 'Innovation, Knowledge Discovery & Technology Management' being the main theme of ICKM2014, the Conference aims to bring together researchers, practitioners, document and records managers, information and chief knowledge officers, data mining and knowledge discovery specialists, computer engineers, information professionals, librarians and archivists to discuss the issues pertaining to innovation, knowledge discovery, data and text mining techniques, and the management of related information and communication technologies (ICTs)."

  • Twelfth Australasian Data Mining Conference: AusDM 2014, 28 - 29 November 2014, Brisbane, Australia.

    "The Australasian Data Mining Conference is devoted to the art and science of intelligent data mining: the meaningful analysis of (usually large) data sets to discover relationships and present the data in novel ways that are compact, comprehendible and useful for researchers and practitioners."

  • MTSR 2014: 8th Metadata and Semantics Research Conference, 27 - 29 November 2014, Karlsruhe, Germany.

    "The eighth International Conference on Metadata and Semantics Research (MTSR'14) aims to bring together scholars and practitioners that share a common interest in the interdisciplinary field of metadata, linked data and ontologies. Participants will share novel knowledge and best practice in the implementation of these semantic technologies across diverse types of Information Environments and applications."

Deadline Reminders

  • AMIA 2014, 8 - 11 October 2014, Savannah, Georgia, USA

(Unless otherwise noted, text above enclosed in quotation marks is quoted from the web sites for those items or events or from press releases received by D-Lib Magazine from the hosting or event-affiliated organizations.)

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