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Conference Report


D-Lib Magazine
September 2004

Volume 10 Number 9

ISSN 1082-9873

Report from the International Symposium on Digital Libraries and Knowledge Communities in Networked Information Society (DLKC'04)


Shigeo Sugimoto
Research Center for Knowledge Communities
Graduate School of Library, Information and Media Studies
University of Tsukuba

Red Line


Our information and knowledge environment has been and continues to be changed by the development of the Internet and ubiquitous communication technologies. Since the mid-1990s there have been substantial efforts to develop practical technologies for digital library services. Starting in the scholarly and professional communities, the development of networked information has already brought significant changes in publishing and in information-seeking behavior—not just of scientists and professionals but of the general public as well, including children. The Internet has been adopted as a major part of corporate and government information infrastructures and is already an integral part of our information lifelines.

This technological and social progress has brought significant changes not only to individuals but also to our communities. While the Internet serves as part of the information infrastructure for traditional communities rooted in geographical location, it is also enabling the formation of knowledge-centric communities based on intellectual interest.

The International Symposium on Digital Libraries and Knowledge Communities in Networked Information Society (DLKC'04) [1] was planned as a forum to discuss these changes and the new directions of our networked information society. As at the previous symposia, ISDL'95 [2], '97 [3] and '99 [4] held in Tsukuba, Japan, DLKC'04 provided broad perspectives on digital libraries and knowledge communities, from information technologies to humanities and social sciences.

DLKC'04 was sponsored and hosted by the University of Tsukuba in cooperation with the National Science Foundation and DELOS Network of Excellence on Digital Libraries. Following the 25th Workshop on Digital Libraries [5] held as a pre-symposium event for the Japanese community, DLKC'04 was held from March 2 to 5 at the Kasuga Campus of the University of Tsukuba. Approximately 150 people attended DLKC'04.

DLKC'04 had 15 invited talks including a keynote address, 4 contributed paper presentations, and a panel. DLKC'04 invited speakers from North America, Europe, Asia-Pacific and Japan to cover the diversity of culture, languages, and social and technological aspects. Each submitted paper was reviewed by at least four members of the program committee and selected for presentation based on its quality.

Following the opening welcome session, the keynote address was given by Daniel Atkins, Professor, EECS and School of Information, University of Michigan. He talked technological factors and trends in cyberinfrastructure research for building knowledge communities. The invited talks covered a broad range of topics for digital libraries and knowledge communities; user studies in digital libraries for education (Christine Borgman), technological factors to create content-based business (Y.T. Chien), a novel image retrieval technology (Takeo Kanade), digital libraries in chemistry (Peter Willett), assessment issues for digital libraries (John Bertot), knowledge-centric communities in a networked information environment (Toyoaki Nishida), perspectives of electronic repositories and scholarly information (Carl Lagoze), trends and issues for further development of digital libraries (David Seaman), the Greenstone digital library and its interfaces and functions for expert users (Ian Witten), digital archives of cultural heritage in Taiwan and in Japan (Jieh Hsian and Noriko Kando), community issues in the development of the Dublin Core (Thomas Baker), new developments of digital libraries in China (Wei Liu), and metadata schema vocabulary issues for community oriented resources (Shigeo Sugimoto). The contributed papers covered technological and user issues to provide, access and share information resources in the Internet and digital libraries. Panelists on the closing panel titled "Digital Library Showcase" were chosen based on geographical and background diversity. The panelists presented issues from their local and domain specific perspectives for digital library and knowledge communities. The full list of speakers and the titles of their papers is given in the Appendix below.


[1] International Symposium on Digital Libraries and Knowledge Communities in Networked Information Society (DLKC'04), <>.

[2] ISDL'95: International Symposium on Digital Libraries 1995, <>.

[3] ISDL'97: International Symposium on Research, Development and Practice in Digital Libraries, <>.

[4] ISDL'99: International Symposium on Digital Libraries 1999, <>.

[5] Information of Digital Library Workshop, <> (In Japanese).

Appendix: List of Speakers and Papers


Daniel E. Atkins (University of Michigan, USA), "Transforming Knowledge Communities through Cyberinfrastructure." Available at <>.

Invited Talks

Christine L. Borgman (UCLA, USA), "The Interaction of Community and Individual Practices in the Design of a Digital Library." Available at <>.

Y.T. Chien (WTEC, USA), "Disruptive Technologies, Innovation, and Digital Libraries Research - the case of a billion dollar business." Available at <>.

Takeo Kanade (Carnegie Mellon University, USA), "Context-Free Image Retrieval." Available at <>.

Peter Willett (University of Sheffield, UK), "Digital Libraries in Chemistry: Providing Access to Chemical Structure Information." Available at <>.

John Bertot (Florida State University, USA), "Assessing Digital Library Services: Approaches, Issues, and Considerations." Available at <>.

Toyoaki Nishida (University of Tokyo, Japan), "Social Intelligence Design and Communicative Intelligence for Knowledgeable Community." Available at <>.

Carl Lagoze (Cornell University, USA), "Bridging the Past and Future: Scholarly Communication in the 21st Century." Available at <>.

Ian Witten (University of Waikato, New Zealand), "Creating and Customizing Digital Library Collections with the Greenstone Librarian Interface." Available at <>.

David Seaman (Digital Library Federation, USA), "Aggregation, Integration, and Openness: Current Trends in Digital Libraries." <>.

Jieh Hsiang (National Taiwan University, Taiwan), "Digitizing Cultural Heritage: A Case Study of Taiwan" (abstract). Available at <>.

Thomas Baker (Fraunhofer Gesellschaft, Germany), "Maintaining a vocabulary: Practices, policies, and models around Dublin Core." Available at <>.

Wei Liu (Shanghai Library, China), "The New Development of Digital Libraries in China." <>.

Shigeo Sugimoto (University of Tsukuba, Japan), "Developing Community Oriented Metadata Vocabularies: Case Studies." Available at <>.

Noriko Kando (National Institute of Informatics, Japan), "Cultural Heritage Online: Information Access across Heterogeneous Cultural Heritage in Japan." Available at <>.

Contributed Papers

K. Y. Chan and S. H. Kwok (The Hong Kong University of Science and Technology, Hong Kong), "Information Seeking Behavior in Peer-to-Peer Networks: An Exploratory." Available at <>.

Tomoko Yaginuma, Teresa Susana Mendes Pereira, Cesar E. Ariza Avila, Ana Alice Baptista (University of Minho, Portugal), "Implementation of Metadata for OmniPaper RDF Prototype." Available at <>.

Mathew Weaver, Lois Delcambre (Oregon Health & Science University, USA), Timothy Tolle (USDA Forest Service, USA), "Metadata++: A Scalable Hierarchical Framework for Digital Libraries." Available at <>.

Yuka Egusa, Masao Takaku, Hidehiro Ishizuka (University of Library and Information Science & University of Tsukuba, Japan), "Network Community Oriented Information Sharing System for Databases." Available at <>.

Panel: Digital Library Showcase


  • Hsueh-hua Chen (National Taiwan University, Taiwan),
  • Noriko Kando (National Institute of Informatics, Japan)
  • Ee-peng Lim (Nanyang Technological University, Singapore),
  • Edie Rasmussen (University of British Columbia, Canada)
  • David Robins (University of Pittsburgh, USA)
  • Stuart Weibel (OCLC, USA),
  • Vilas Wuwongse (Asian Institute of Technology, Thailand),
  • Moderator: Shigeo Sugimoto (University of Tsukuba)


Copyright © 2004 Shigeo Sugimoto

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