D-Lib Magazine
September 2001

Volume 7 Number 9

ISSN 1082-9873


Deliberation, Collaboration, Dissemination

This month, I attended the Fifth European Conference on Digital Libraries (ECDL 2001) in Darmstadt, Germany. Meeting D-Lib Magazine authors whom I've known only through e-mail correspondence was delightful, and the paper presentations, panels, workshops and tutorials were excellent.

In the opening keynote address, Michael Keller, publisher of Hire Wire Press and the Stanford University Press displayed slides of the table of contents from D-Lib Magazine's July 1995, July 1999, and July 2001 issues and compared the quantity and types of features offered in each. His point was that the number of digital library research and development efforts has increased tremendously. That D-Lib was used as an example to show this growth was a gratifying affirmation of our efforts to serve the digital library community.

It was a pleasure to find that most conference attendees with whom I spoke were regular readers of D-Lib Magazine and that many rely on D-Lib as a critical source of digital library news and information. However, some were momentarily confused by my pronunciation of the name of the magazine -- they had always thought it pronounced "Dee Libe" as in Digital Library. I explained that the name of the magazine is pronounced with a short "i", because the name is actually associated with the word deliberation. From the beginning, it has been D-Lib's desire to provide a forum for debate and discussion in addition to reporting research results and providing current awareness information.

As I listened to the paper presentations in the general conference, and in the workshop on generalized documents that I attended, I observed that a great many of the research projects being reported involve international collaboration. Not surprisingly, this cross-border collaboration has also been reflected in the research reported over the years in D-Lib Magazine.

As the magazine enters its seventh year, we reaffirm our commitment to serve as a forum for deliberation, to facilitate collaboration, and to disseminate the resulting research information to the digital library community.


Bonita Wilson
Managing Editor

Copyright (c) 2001 Corporation for National Research Initiatives

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DOI : 10.1045/september2001-editorial