D-Lib Magazine November 1995


  • From the Editor: Text is more than just words on a page, Susan Hockey, Center for Electronic Texts in the Humanities
  • To the Editor: HyperNews
  • Note D-Lib's new address: http://www.dlib.org

    Stories and Briefings

  • The Model Editions Partnership: Historical Editions in the Digital Age, David Chesnutt, History Dept. University of South Carolina
  • The SCAM Approach to Copy Detection in Digital Libraries, Narayanan Shivakumar and Hector Garcia-Molina, Department of Computer Science, Stanford University
  • What Do People Want from Information Retrieval? (The Top 10 Research Issues for Companies that Use and Sell IR Systems), W. Bruce Croft, Center for Intelligent Information Retrieval Computer Science Department, University of Massachusetts, Amherst
  • Clips and Pointers

  • Association of American University Presses announces on-line catalog/bookstore
  • Institute of Physics undertakes pilot site licensing in the UK
  • University of South Australia initiates Integrated Document Access Project
  • The Getty Art History Information Program
  • Thesaurus Florentinus: A Restoration project creates an information system
  • Center for Electronic Texts in the Humanities: Getting started with TEI and SGML
  • Electronic Text Center at the University of Virginia: On-line books and pre-prints in the humanities
  • Labyrinth at Georgetown University: Major projects in medieval texts in US and abroad
  • The Papyrus digitization projects at Duke, Yale, and University of Michigan
  • National Digital Library at the Library of Congress builds upon American Memory
  • TIGER Mapping Service: Interactive mapping from current census data
  • Preservation and access of oversized color images: A Project for the Commission on Preservation and Access
  • Guide to cartographic resources at the University of Waterloo
  • Technology Playpen

  • About the Technology Playpen
  • The Intercast Industry Group
  • VDOLive
  • About D-Lib Magazine

  • About D-Lib
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