Appendix 2
Electronic Access to ISO/TC46/SC2

From Clews, Digital Language Access : Scripts, Transliteration, and Computer Access, D-Lib Magazine March 1997

There is also an list on transliteration, and an associated World Wide Web site <> where those concerned with these issues can find out further information and make their views heard. We hope this list will attract researchers and scientists who can add useful information which might assist in developing standards on the Conversion of Written Languages.

There are now over 240 subscribers to, from 41 countries and territories, and from all continents. Quite a few have an interest in transliteration in library catalogues, but there are other potential users of transliteration too: linguists, teachers, computer developers, map makers, and some in the travel industry. One major advantage of e-mail is the ability to involve far more people in the development of a common purpose than were involved before, to get user feed back, and expert opinion from various sources.

Subscribing to the mailing list for ISO/TC46/SC2

In order to join the list you should be actively involved either in using transliteration systems, or in developing transliteration systems, and should be prepared to contribute to the list from time to time. To join the list, send an e-mail message to:
with this message in the body of the text:
subscribe tc46sc2 your@e-mail.address
(but with your real e-mail address replacing the string your@e-mail.address).

To find out further commands you can use, send the command "help" as the text of an e-mail either to or to:

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