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March 1997
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Guest Editorial: Collaboration Dreams
L. M. Simmons, Jr., Santa Fe Center for Emergent Strategies

To the Editor: HyperNews

Stories and Briefings

Digital Language Access: Scripts, Transliteration, and Computer Access
John Clews
SESAME Computer Projects

SOS-SD: A Data Warehouse-Based System for the Optimized Selection of Spatial Data

French version of this story: SOS-DS: Système optimal de sélection des données spatiales couplé à un data warehouse
François Létourneau
Yvan Bédard
Marie-Josée Proulx
Center for Research in Geomatics
Laval University

What's Wrong with Internet Searching
Annabel Pollock
Andrew Hockley
Human Factors Unit, BT Laboratories

Java and Libraries: Digital and Otherwise
Paul Jones
University of North Carolina

Sink or Swim? The U.S. Navy Virtual Library (NVL)
Bob Norris
U.S. Navy Postgraduate School
Denise Duncan
Logistics Management Institute

Clips and Pointers

  • DELOS Cross-Language Workshop: Summary
    Paraic Sheridan, ETH-Zurich
  • GABRIEL Launched as Official Service, 1 January 1997
  • In Print
  • OSSHE Historical and Cultural Atlas Resource
  • Evaluating Web Sites for Educational Uses: Bibliography Checklist
  • Goings On
  • Digital Documents in Context: Organization and Creation, 31st Annual Hawaii International Conference on Systems Sciences, Kohala Coast, Hawai'i, January 6-9, 1998. Call for papers closes March 15, 1997.
  • Workshop on Research Directions for the Next Generation Internet, Vienna, Virginia, May 13-14, 1997. Call for papers closes March 27, 1997.
  • Twenty-fifth Annual Telecommunications Policy Research Conference. Call for papers closes on March 28, 1997.
  • Networking '97: Exploring the ContinuedEvolution of Internet Technology for Research and Education, Washington, DC., April 9-10, 1997.
  • IASST/IFDO Conference, Odense, Denmark, May 6-9, 1997.
  • IEEE ADL '97: International Conference on Advances in Digital Libraries, Washington, DC, May 7-9, 1997.
  • 8th Joint European Networking Conference (JENC8), Edinburgh, Scotland, May 12-15, 1997.
  • Human-Computer Interaction Laboratory, University of Maryland Institute of Advanced Computer Studies, 14th Annual Symposium and Open House, College Park, May 30, 1997.
  • ASIS 1997 Mid-Year Meeting: Information Privacy, Security, and Data Integrity, Scottsdale, Arizona, May 30 - June 3, 1997.
  • Second International Summer School on the Digital Library, Tilburg University, the Netherlands, August 10-22, 1997.
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