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D-Lib Magazine
July/August 2009

Volume 15 Number 7/8

ISSN 1082-9873

A Few Words of Appreciation for Conference Reporters

Last year, my July/August editorial expressed appreciation to the organizers of digital library (DL) conferences. This year, in addition to conference organizers, I am using this space to acknowledge and thank those authors who, throughout the year, have contributed the reports on DL-related conferences that are published in D-Lib Magazine.

Recently and unfortunately, attendance at many conferences has declined, as travel budgets have been reduced or cut entirely due to the current global economic downturn. The conference and workshop reports appearing in issues of D-Lib Magazine don't really take the place of attending these events in person. Nothing can replace the value of the networking opportunities provided by attending conferences, seminars, and workshops. But there is still much value in reading well-crafted reports of such events.

Even if you were able to attend, for example, the Joint Conference on Digital Libraries, you would not have been able to be everywhere at once. And just as a report cannot replace the published proceedings, what you can gain from reading a conference report is a sense of the primary themes and highlights – almost like the synchronicity that occurs when you peruse a library's shelves or electronic catalog, finding relevant information that you might not have known to look for otherwise.

This issue of D-Lib presents seven conference and workshop reports from thirteen authors from around the world. Some of the reports were invited by D-Lib, and others came to us because the authors sent a query to see if we were interested in publishing them. Either way, thanks so much to all who contributed their time and efforts to share information from these events.

Bonita Wilson
Corporation for National Research Initiatives


Copyright© 2009 Corporation for National Research Initiatives

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