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D-Lib Magazine
January/February 2008

Volume 14 Number 1/2

ISSN 1082-9873

D-Lib Is Being Brought to You by...

The January 2007 D-Lib Magazine editorial alerted D-Lib readers to the funding issues the magazine faced that might have forced it to suspend or discontinue publication. It was also announced in the editorial that to cut costs, the frequency of publication of D-Lib Magazine would need to be reduced from eleven issues per year to a bimonthly schedule of dissemination.

It would be wonderful to be able to report that funding problems for D-Lib Magazine have been solved; however, finding a satisfactory long-term business model for sustaining D-Lib remains a goal rather than an accomplishment. Nevertheless, while attaining that goal cannot be described as a fait accompli, attaining it is possible – thanks to the support we have received over the past eleven months from a diverse group of organizations that recognize the value of D-Lib Magazine to the digital library community worldwide.

These organizations have become participants in the D-Lib Alliance, and their financial contributions have enabled D-Lib to continue publication on a bimonthly basis. The organizations participating in the D-Lib Alliance to date include (in alphabetical order):

Australian National University
Center for Computing in the Humanities, King's College
Columbia University Libraries
Corporation for National Research Initiatives
EMC Corporation
Ex Libris
Florida Center for Library Automation
Harvard University Library
King's Digital Consultancy Services
Nanyang Technological University
National Library of New Zealand
Rutgers University Libraries
Syracuse University Libraries
The Business Glossary
University Libraries of Notre Dame
University of California San Diego Libraries
University of Maryland Libraries
University of Pittsburgh University Library System
University of Washington Libraries

In addition, late in 2007 SPARC (the Scholarly Publishing and Academic Resources Coalition) provided in kind services in the form of consulting regarding business models that might, in time, enable D-Lib Magazine to become fully self-supporting. Over the course of this year we plan to try some of the things the consultant suggested to see if they can produce sufficient funds to sustain the magazine over the long term and at the same time, fit within our stated aim to continue providing open access to D-Lib Magazine content.

We at D-Lib are very pleased at the response we have received thus far and are grateful for the support of the D-Lib Alliance and SPARC, as well as the Corporation for National Research Initiatives for its continuing substantial financial and technical support. We also invite and encourage other organizations to join the D-Lib Alliance so that we can continue to make D-Lib Magazine freely available to readers around the world.

Bonita Wilson


Copyright© 2008 Corporation for National Research Initiatives

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