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  • From the Editor: When is honesty the best policy?
  • To the Editor: More ideas about the future
  • From D-Lib Forum: Activities and resources
  • Stories and Briefings

  • Content Ratings and Other Third-Party Value-Added Information: Defining an Enabling Platform. Martin Röscheisen, Terry Winograd, and Andreas Paepcke, Stanford Integrated Digital Library Project
  • Image Browsing in the Alexandria Digital Library (ADL) Project. B.S. Manjunath, Alexandria Digital Library Project
  • The Global Change Data and Information System-Assisted Search for Knowledge (GC-ASK) Project. Roberta Y. Rand, USDA Global Change Data and Information Management, National Agricultural Library
  • The Red Sage Project: An Experimental Digital Journal Library for the Health Sciences, A Descriptive Overview. Richard E. Lucier and Peter Brantley, Red Sage Project
  • Clips and Pointers

  • Version 3 of the NISO Z39.50 Computer-Computer Information Retrieval Protocol
  • Netlib Software Repository
  • National HPCC Software Exchange (NHSE)
  • Uniform Resource Identifiers: An Explosion of Activity!
  • ERCIM Fellowship Call
  • NCSTRL creates unified digital library for computer science technical reports
  • Naval Research Laboratory and American Physical Society collaborate on TORPEDO
  • National Information Infrastructure Virtual Library
  • IFLA creates page devoted to digital library projects and resources
  • Digital Libraries '95 proceedings available
  • Library of Congress and University of Virginia issue report on electronic cataloging seminar
  • SilverPlatter invites participation in Worldwide Sampler Project
  • IBM CyberJournal
  • Technology Playpen

  • Playpen for New Technologies
  • Preview of Grail
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    August 16, 1995