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  • Match: Matching can be set so that your search results match All of the terms in your string (Journal Article will find both words in any order), Any of the terms (Journal Article Metadata will find any of those words), or two or more terms combined with Boolean logic ((Journal and Article) not Metadata).
  • Format: Long will list the titles, plus an excerpt showing the search string in its context, from either the contents of the <META> tag, an extract of text containing the search word, or the initial text on the page. Short will display only a list of titles.
  • Sort: Sort by Score will list results in rank order, Time will list results order by date they were last updated, and Title will list results alphabetically. The sort orders may be reversed.

The search is case-insensitive, so identical results will be found for "doi" or "DOI". The search facility gives each page a one to five star (star) rating. The present version of the search engine software only allows for searching on words rather than complete phrases. If you enter "DOI Discussion Paper", the search will return all pages containing all three words, in any order. Searching on "Discuss*" will return "Discussion" and any other words beginning with "Discuss". Quotes are ignored.


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