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D-Lib Magazine

A Special Issue Peter B. Hirtle, Associate Editor

A Matter of Style Bonita Wilson, Managing Editor

Letters to the Editor:

From Stephen Marsh, National Research Council Canada
From James Weinheimer, Princeton University

Collected Wisdom: Some Cross-domain Issues of Collection Level Description
Paul Miller, UKOLN (UK Office for Library and Information Networking)

Archives Described at Collection Level
Meg Sweet and David Thomas, Public Record Office, United Kingdom

Collection Level Description - the Museum Perspective
Heather Dunn, Canadian Heritage Information Network

Directories of Libraries and Related Organizations
Judith Pearce, National Library of Australia

Collection Level Description - The RIDING and Agora Experience
Dr. E.V. Brack, University of Sheffield; David Palmer, University of East Anglia; and Bridget Robinson, University of Bath

RSLP Collection Description
Andy Powell, University of Bath; Michael Heaney, University of Oxford; and Lorcan Dempsey, King's College London

Self Portrait

Image of a self-portrait of Arnold Schoenberg, Composer, Early 20th Century. Used by permission of Lawrence Schoenberg.

The Arnold Schönberg Center web site is one of the resources linked to from the DW3 Classical Music Resources collection, D-Lib Magazine's featured collection this month.


LITA Internet Resources Interest Group Report: Library Web Sites - The Next Generation
Denise Babin, University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee

European Museums' Information Institute - European Standards Survey
Christina Brown, European Museums' Information Institute

The PRIDE Project Launches a Demonstrator of a Directory of Library Users and Services
Andrew Colleran, Quercus Information Limited

Two Press Releases from the U.S. Department of Energy
Walter L. Warnick, U.S. Department of Energy

The Resource Discovery Network Announces the Launch of the Virtual Training Suite (Press Release, 19 July 2000)
Nicola Gibbons, Resource Discovery Network

Taylor and Francis Launches E-Book Initiative (Press Release, July 13, 2000)
Aine Duffy, Routledge/Taylor & Francis Books Ltd.


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Calls for Participation

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