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University of California, Santa Barbara
Alexandria Digital Library

Summary of content

Geographically-referenced information. ADL currently consists of two databases: the ADL Catalog, which contains scanned aerial photos, maps, and other geospatial data sets; and the ADL Gazetteer, which contains geographic place and feature names.

Number of items, formats, and total size

ADL Catalog: The catalog is constantly expanding; as of February 1998, it contained approximately 750,000 items requiring 500GB of storage. Most items are related to California, but there is some world-wide coverage as well. Item formats vary according to the underlying sources. Most items have been converted to JPEG or GIF images for viewing purposes.

ADL Gazetteer: 6,000,000 entries; world-wide coverage.

Restrictions on access

Currently ADL can be accessed from within the University of California, and can be accessed by outside sites for evaluation purposes only. The university places usage restrictions on any data retrieved from ADL. Subcollections and individual items may carry additional accessibility and usage restrictions.

Further information

For further information about this testbed, see: http://alexandria.sdc.ucsb.edu/.

Researchers who wish to make use of this testbed should contact: Greg Janee at the University of California, Santa Barbara.

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