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University of California, Berkeley
UC Berkeley Environmental Digital Library

Summary of content

This is an online collection of digital documents, images, maps, and tabular data relating to the California natural environment. The collection includes environmental plans, reports, and pictures of natural resources from state and local agencies, the Brousseau Photo Collection of California flora, tabular data on all state dams, all recognized plants in California, state watersheds, and more.

Number of items, format and total size

The collections include large numbers of items in the following categories:

data typeformat
documentsscanned pages (GIF,TIF) and ASCII from OCR
photosJPEG (at least 3 resolutions per image)
aerial photosJPEG,GIF
CalFlora datatabular ASCII data
misc. datatabular ASCII data

A summary of many of the data sets, including the current number of records in them, can be found here. Other data sets, including map data (mostly DRGs, DOQs, and TIGER data of the San Francisco Bay area and environs) are not reflected in this list, but are also available for research.

Restrictions on access

All the data is online, accessible via the web and available for research, except for a set of Corel images used internally for computer vision research. For further information about the quality of the data and restrictions on its availability, click here.

Further information

For further information about this testbed, see: http://elib.cs.berkeley.edu/.

Researchers who wish to make use of this testbed should contact: Ginger Ogle at UC Berkeley.

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