D-Lib Test Suite

D-Lib Test Suite
Key People

Carnegie Mellon University
Segments of digitized video

Howard Wactlar [email protected]
Scott Stevens [email protected]

Cornell University
Distributed technical reports

Carl Lagoze [email protected]
Naomi Dushay [email protected]

University of California, Berkeley
Materials on the California environment

Robert Wilensky [email protected]
Ginger Ogle [email protected]

University of California, Santa Barbara
Georeferenced collections and retrieval system

Terry Smith [email protected]
Greg Janee [email protected]
Linda Hill [email protected]
Karen Andersen [email protected]

University of Illinois at Urbana Champaign
Scientific journal articles with SGML mark-up

Bill Mischo [email protected]
Timothy Cole [email protected]

University of Tennessee-Knoxville (UTK)
Netlib and the National High-performance Software Exchange

Shirley Browne [email protected]
Paul McMahan [email protected]
Scott Wells [email protected]
Jack Dongarra [email protected]


Jean Scholtz [email protected]
Ronald Larsen [email protected]
Stephen Griffin [email protected]

Corporation for National Research Initiatives

Larry Lannom [email protected]
Bonnie Wilson [email protected]

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