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Carnegie Mellon University
Informedia Digital Video and Spoken Language Document Testbed

Summary of content

Corpus of MPEG encoded video (broadcast news, documentaries, government public information). Some data is fully and accurately transcribed, other with errorful automated transcripts, some with both. Segmentation pointers available, as are various levels of summaries for each segment, including one-line capsules, representative sequence of bit-map images, video skims.

Number of items, format and total size

1,500 hours of video data, MPEG-1 encoded, one terabyte.

Restrictions on access

Most of the content is copyrighted, available for experimentation but not available for subsequent distribution.

Further information

For further information about this testbed, see: http://www.informedia.cs.cmu.edu.

Researchers who wish to make use of this testbed should contact: Scott Stevens at Carnegie Mellon.

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