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D-Lib Magazine
September/October 2008

Volume 14 Number 9/10

ISSN 1082-9873

A Survey of D-Lib Magazine Readers

Since the end of U.S. Government funding of D-Lib Magazine in 2006, we at D-Lib Magazine have been looking for a new funding model to sustain the magazine over the long term while continuing to publish it via open access – that is, without charging readers subscription fees or authors publication fees. We have been gratified by the response of the members of the D-Lib Alliance, whose support has meant the continuation of D-lib, albeit at a reduced publication schedule. To supplement and back-stop this generous support, we need to consider direct advertising.

Advertising was one of the recommendations we were given late last year by a publishing consultant, whose time was donated by the Scholarly Publishing and Academic Resources Coalition (SPARC). Our initial toe-in-the-water on this front was to employ the ubiquitous and almost entirely automated 'Ads by Google.' This was a low-risk, low-profile effort, which has yielded only a miniscule level of income. We are now considering more traditional direct advertising, which would be sold directly to organizations that we believe would want to advertise to D-Lib readers. To seek potential advertisers, however, we need to provide them with information on our readership that, up till now, we have not collected. Therefore, we have designed a survey that we hope will help us to gather that information. Links to the survey can be found in the current issue at the top of the home page, Table of Contents, and each article.

Please take a few minutes to respond to this survey about D-Lib Magazine. Your responses will assist us in understanding our readership, improving content, and providing information to potential advertisers so we can continue disseminating D-Lib Magazine as an open access publication.

Thank you.

Laurence Lannom
Director of Information Management Technology
Corporation for National Research Initiatives


Copyright© 2008 Corporation for National Research Initiatives

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