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May 1996
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From the Editor: The Future is a Complex Place
To the Editor: HyperNews

Stories and Briefings

Options for the Future
Symposium on Electronic Publishing, ICSU/UNESCO
Joshua Lederberg
Sackler Foundation Scholar and
President Emeritus, Rockefeller University

Digital Libraries: Searching Is Not Enough; What We Learned On-Site
Andreas Paepcke
Stanford University

Research in Support of Digital Libraries at Xerox PARC; Part I: The Changing Social Roles of Documents
Marti A. Hearst
Xerox PARC

Historical Collections for the National Digital Library: Lessons and Challenges at the Library of Congress (The second of a two-part story.)
Caroline R. Arms
Library of Congress

Clips and Pointers

  • Point-to-Point
  • Australian SunSITE
  • TexShare: Building Digital Libraries
  • Where to Go: Social Science Data
  • Pointers to Other Sites
  • Getting Information On-Line -- U.S.
  • Getting Started Overseas
  • In Print
  • Unversity of Missouri offers public access to bibliographic databases via the Internet
  • IEEE Computer devotes May issue to digital library research
  • The Australian perspective on digital library issues
  • Pointers in this Column
  • The Technology Spotlight

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