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February 1997

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Berkeley Digital Library Technology Assists in California Flood Recovery Efforts

Robert Wilensky, University of California, Berkeley

The DLI-funded UC Berkeley Digital Library Project has been making significant ongoing contributions to California's flood recovery efforts. These efforts have been aided by the ready availability of pertinent on-line information provided by the project. This information had been acquired as part of the project's continuing efforts to create an environmental digital library testbed.

Several of the data sets previously acquired by the project contain valuable information not otherwise easily accessible. An example of such a data set is one that contains authoritative data about all dams under the jurisdiction of the State of California. This data base had been extracted automatically from a printed document by a document recognition process developed as part of the project. The project also developed web-based form and map interfaces to these data, providing recovery efforts with the ability to quickly obtain answers to dam-related queries which were previously not easily obtainable by any means.

Other on-line data sets acquired by the project that proved to be useful include several sets of geo-referenced aerial photographs, especially those of the hard-hit Sacramento delta area. It is noteworthy that none of the data sets were acquired by the project with these specific purposes in mind, but rather, because they were deemed to be of general utility for planning purposes. Thus, the value of acquiring and making available such resources in digital form was made amply manifest in this crisis.

In addition, the project learned from State relief workers that USGS "quad sheets" (essentially detailed maps) of affected areas would be valuable if available. Because of its acquired expertise and developed infrastructure, the project was able to provide rapid response to this request, and acquire and make available the high-priority data within approximately 1.5 weeks. Working in cooperation with USGS, the project plans to imminently supplement these data with USGS so-called DRG quad sheets, which have comparable spatial extent but superior geographic properties.


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