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December 1999

Roman History, Coins, and Technology Back Pages

Throwing Christians to the Lions

Courtesy of Jay King. Roman History, Coins, and Technology Back Pages. Used with permission.

About the image above:
"Throwing Christians to the Lions: Fact and Legend". Detail from a large illuminated page from a liturgical handbook prepared for the Byzantine Emperor Basil II, about A. D. 976 - 1000.

The Roman History, Coins, and Technology Back Pages site was created with a primary mission of providing resource and enrichment material for K - 12 students and their teachers who are studying Roman history. It was later determined that history enthusiasts and coin collectors were two other groups that formed a significant proportion of the site's users, judging from the content of email responses received by the author. The site is constructed with twenty-three topical areas accessible via links at the bottom of each page, although some of the topical areas are still awaiting the addition of content.

A series of biographical sketches of almost all the known Roman emperors and important noblewomen form the core of the site's content while there are concentrations of material under the topics of the Late Roman Empire, The Roman Army, Roman Coins, and Roman Engineering.

Two areas have been added that are not directly accessible via the links at the bottom of each page. These are the pages devoted to LEGIO X FRETENSIS, a Roman military reenactment group, and a timeline of mini-articles dealing with the history of Rome up until the fall of the Republic.

The images, mostly of coins, are carefully chosen to reinforce the meaning of the written articles. Also, the author attempts to provide, as closely to life as is possible, a hands-on tour of several extensive Roman coin collections.

Coin depicting Lucilla, wife of Lucius Versus

Copyright 1998 Jay King. Used with permission.

About the images above:
Roman coins depicting: Lucilla wife of the emperor Lucius Verus from A. D. 164 - ca. A. D. 182
and Lucius Verus, Co Emperor with Marcus Aurelius A.D 161 - 169.

This site is a rather ambitious project, and the author does not have unlimited time and resources to devote to it. Additionally, he recognizes that articles written from the perspective of other history enthusiasts would bring a welcome balance to the site. He encourages history enthusiasts who are willing to write on a favorite specialty or subject related to Roman history to contribute articles, for which they will be given credit as the source. This invitation is extended to K - 12 students working on class related Roman history projects as well. History should be a participating, cooperative effort, drawing on the talents of not only scholars, but interested amateurs as well.

Contributed by:
Jay King
San Jose State University


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