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D-Lib Magazine
December 2006

Volume 12 Number 12

ISSN 1082-9873

Reasonable People Can Disagree

A few years ago, I wrote a D-Lib Magazine editorial about how readers can express views contrary to those expressed in articles, opinions, commentaries or other content disseminated in D-Lib. But some things bear repeating, and because there are many new readers of D-Lib Magazine since I wrote that piece, I want to outline again how readers can respond to the magazine about things with which they may strongly agree or disagree, or when they simply want to add to the discussion.

First, readers can respond to issues raised in D-Lib by sending a Letter to the Editor. The magazine reserves the right not to publish Letters that are commercial or promotional, and we would not accept for publication any that contained ad hominem arguments. But we would not reject a Letter to the Editor (or any submitted content) simply because it may not reflect the views of the D-Lib staff on a particular subject.

Second, readers are welcome to submit for consideration full-length manuscripts that express different viewpoints than those of previously disseminated D-Lib opinions, commentaries, or articles.

Our goal at D-Lib Magazine continues to be providing an overall balance of views. We therefore again invite readers to contribute to the discussion of and debate about important digital library issues, using whichever venue seems most appropriate.

Bonita Wilson

Copyright© 2006 Corporation for National Research Initiatives

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