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March/April 2008

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Authors in the March/April 2008 Issue of D-Lib Magazine

Kevin Gilbertson

Kevin Gilbertson is Web & Digital Projects Librarian at Wake Forest University's Z. Smith Reynolds Library. He holds a MLIS from the University of South Carolina. His work includes web application and user interface development, open source software initiatives, and digital project management. He focuses on web standards, information and interaction design, and accessible solutions to managing complex information environments.

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Portrait of Kevin Gilbertson

Brian Lavoie

Brian Lavoie is a Research Scientist in the Office of Research at OCLC Online Computer Library Center, Inc. Since joining OCLC in 1996, Brian has worked in a variety of areas, including bibliographic control, analysis of library collections, models and frameworks for library service provision, digital preservation, and analysis of the structure and content of the Web. Brian is a co-founder of the award-winning PREMIS preservation metadata working group, and currently serves on the PREMIS Editorial Committee. He also co-chairs the Blue Ribbon Task Force on Sustainable Digital Preservation and Access.

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Catherine C. Marshall

Cathy Marshall is a Senior Researcher at Microsoft Corporation. Her research on personal digital libraries lies in the disciplinary interstices of computer science, information science, and the humanities. She was a long-time member of the research staff at Xerox PARC and is an affiliate of the Center for the Study of Digital Libraries at Texas A&M University. She has delivered keynote addresses at the WWW, USENIX FAST, and ACM Hypertext Conferences as well as at CNI, VALA and other library and information science venues. She has served as Program Chair for the IEEE/ACM Joint Conference on Digital Libraries and for the ACM Hypertext Conference. Her homepage is <>; there you will find her publications, her blog, her contact information, and how she is related to Elvis.

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Portrait of Catherine C. Marshall

Erik Mitchell

Erik Mitchell is the IT Development Librarian at the Z. Smith Reynolds Library at Wake Forest University. His work includes integrated library system management, digital library development, and information literacy instruction. He holds a MLIS from the University of South Carolina, a BA from Lenoir-Rhyne College and is a Ph.D. student at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill. Erik's research interests include information management and organization, uses of digital libraries in collaborative scholarship, metadata-driven information systems, and popular uses of metadata and digital libraries in knowledge management.

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Michael L. Nelson

Michael L. Nelson joined the Computer Science Department at Old Dominion University in 2002. He worked at NASA Langley Research Center from 1991-2002. Through a NASA fellowship, he spent the 2000-2001 academic year at the School of Information and Library Science, University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill. His research interests include repository-object interaction and digital preservation.

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Judith Pearce

After a long career as a librarian at the National Library of Australia, Judith Pearce is currently working part-time as an Information technology consultant with a specialisation in digital library service frameworks and interoperability standards. During 2007 she was the technical lead for the Australian METS Profile Development project. Her last major project before leaving the Library was to revise the committee draft of ISO 2146 Information and Documentation – Registry Services for Libraries and Related Organizations for ballot as a Draft International Standard.

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David Pearson

David Pearson is currently the Manager of the Digital Preservation Section at the National Library of Australia. During 2007, he was the project manager for two APSR projects: of the Australian METS Profile Development project and the AONS II (Automatic Obsolescence Notification System, version II) project. Before joining the Library, amongst other duties over five years, David designed, built and subsequently became the Repository Manager for the National Archives of Australia's Digital Repository. He also supervised various physical format media recovery projects. David's academic background is in the field of archaeology.

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Joan A. Smith

Joan A. Smith is a doctoral candidate in computer science at Old Dominion University. Her industry experience includes nearly 15 years as a computer specialist in positions ranging from systems administration to software engineering director. She was the eighth recipient of the CLIR Zipf Fellowship, and was invited to the first Google Workshop for Women Engineers. She is currently completing her dissertation, "Integrating Preservation Functions into the Web Server."

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Portrait of Joan A. Smith

Megan Williams

Megan Williams is an archivist who has worked in the Manuscript Branch of the National Library of Australia since 2001. During 2007 she worked on the Australian METS Profile Development project as profile manager. Her other life in Manuscripts includes arrangement and description of archival collections, digitisation projects, implementation of encoded archival description for finding aids and reference service provision.

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Scott Yeadon

Scott Yeadon has been working as a software developer at The Australian National University (ANU) for the past four years in the institutional repository domain. He is currently on secondment to APSR where he is undertaking software development on a number of projects. He is also the maintenance developer for Demetrius, the ANU's institutional repository based around DSpace. His background is in XML processing and publishing as well as C and Java programming. During 2007 he was the APSR coordinator for the RIFF projects, including the Australian METS Profile Development project and implemented a submission service using METS as a packaging format.

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