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Detail of ant image acquired and colorized by Daniel E. Weber, 14 January 1999. Copyright Daniel E. Weber and the University of Illinois. Used with permission.

The image above is from Bugscope, D-Lib Magazine's featured web site this month.

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William Y. Arms
Editor in Chief
Cornell University

Peter B. Hirtle
Associate Editor
Cornell University

Bonita Wilson
Managing Editor

Catherine Rey
Art Director

Laurence Lannom
Technical Advisor

Carrie Barnett
Administrative Assistant

[spacer] February; Volume 6 Number 2; ISSN: 1082-9873
Editorial: On eBooks, Open Archives, and Libraries
To the Editor: Letters

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Reference Linking with DOIs: A Case Study
Helen Atkins, Institute for Scientific Information; Catherine Lyons, Springer-Verlag; Howard Ratner, Springer-Verlag; Carol Risher, Association of American Publishers; Chris Shillum, Elsevier; David Sidman, John Wiley & Sons; and Andrew Stevens, Double Agent LLC (formerly with John Wiley & Sons)

The Santa Fe Convention of the Open Archives Initiative
Herbert Van de Sompel, Los Alamos National Laboratory - Research Library, and the University of Ghent and Carl Lagoze, Cornell University

The UPS Prototype: An Experimental End-User Service across E-Print Archives
Herbert Van de Sompel, Los Alamos National Laboratory - Research Library, and the University of Ghent; Thomas Krichel, University of Surrey; Michael L. Nelson, NASA Langley Research Center; Patrick Hochstenbach, University of Ghent; Victor M. Lyapunov, Siberian Branch of the Russian Academy of Sciences; Kurt Maly, Mohammad Zubair, Mohamed Kholief, and Xiaoming Liu, Old Dominion University; and Heath O'Connell, Stanford Linear Accelerator Center

The Costs of Print, Fiche, and Digital Access: The Early Canadiana Online Project
Bruce R. Kingma, University at Albany, State University of New York

Ad*Access: Seeking Copyright Permissions for a Digital Age
Lynn Pritcher, Duke University

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In Brief

Cross-Language Evaluation Forum
Carol Peters, Italian National Research Council

Ex Libris Acquires Rights to SFX Reference Linking Software
Oren Beit-Arie, Ex Libris (USA) Inc.

BioMed Central
John Peel, BioMed Central

PrePRINT Network for Researchers
Lorrie Johnson and Delores Brabson, U.S. Department of Energy, Office of Scientific and Technological Information

ECPA Receives EU Grant for Photo Project 'SEPIA' (Press Release)
European Commission on Preservation and Access (ECPA)

VALA to Webcast National Library Conference
Simon Huggard, Monash University Library

The Learning and Teaching Support Network
Cliff Allan, Institute for Learning & Teaching (ILT)

Resource Guide for the Social Sciences
Karen Ford, Institute for Learning and Research Technology, University of Bristol

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Clips & Pointers
  • In Print
  • SPEC Kit 253: Networked Information Resources
  • Abstracts available online from the Thirty-second Annual Hawaii International Conference on System Sciences (HICSS)
  • Journal of the American Society for Information Science (JASIS)
  • DCMI Update
  • Designing and Implementing Recordkeeping Systems: Manual for Commonwealth Agencies (Draft)
  • Public Space in Cyberspace: Library Advocacy in the Information Age
  • Point to Point
  • PhysNet: the Physics Departments and Documents Network
  • Library and Information Science, Librarianship
  • Copyright & Fair Use
  • LISNews.com: Information Science News
  • Deadline Reminders
  • National Federation of Abstracting & Information Services (NFAIS) Annual Conference - Y2Content: The Battle for the Desktop
  • LITA California Regional Institutes
  • DEXA 2000: Database and Expert Systems Conference
  • WebNet 2000 World Conference
  • Sixth ACM SIGKDD International Conference on Knowledge Discovery & Data Mining
  • International World-Wide Web Conference Committee (IW3C2 WWW9 International Conference
  • 66th IFLA General Conference
  • DAC 2000: 3rd International Digital Arts & Culture Conference
  • SAINT-2001: The 2001 Symposium on Applications and the Internet
  • KnowRight 2000: InfoEthics Europe
  • DRH 2000: Digital Resources for the Humanities
  • Democracy and the Rule of Law in a Changing World Order
  • ICLT 2000: Does Technology Make a Difference
  • WET ICE 2000 - IEEE 9th International Workshop on Enabling Technologies: Infrastructure for Collaborative Enterprises
  • Electronic Publishing of Data Sets on the World Wide Web
  • HICSS-34: Hawaii International Conference on System Sciences
  • Seventh International Conference: Crimea 2000
  • Computers in Libraries 2000
  • German Classification Society GfKl 24th Annual Conference
  • Information Strategies for the Next Century
  • Third International Symposium on Electronic Theses and Dissertations: Applying New Media to Scholarship
  • National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) Electronic Documents Conference
  • Art Libraries Society of North America (ARLIS) 28th Annual Conference: Links to the Past, Bridges to the Future
  • IV2000 - Symposium of Information Visualisation in Digital Libraries
  • Workshop on Research Issues on Data Mining and Knowledge Discovery (DMKD 2000)
  • The Economics and Use of Digital Library Collections
  • Sixteenth International Unicode Conference: Unicode and the Web - The Global Connection
  • Electronic Imaging & the Visual Arts: EVA 2000 Florence
  • ACM Multimedia 2000: 8th ACM International Multimedia Conference
  • Calls for Participation
  • DEXA 2000: 11th International Conference on Database and Expert Systems Applications, Call for papers for several DEXA Workshops. There are various deadlines for submission ranging from 11 February to 21 March 2000.
  • WET ICE 2000 - IEEE 9th International Workshop on Enabling Technologies: Infrastructure for Collaborative Enterprises, 14 - 16 June 2000, National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST), Gaithersburg, Maryland, USA. Call for papers for Wet Ice Workshops. The deadline for submission of papers is 10 March 2000
  • IV2000 - Symposium of Information Visualisation in Digital Libraries, 19 - 21 July 2000, London, England, United Kingdom. Call for participation. Deadline for submission of papers is 17 March 2000.
  • EEI21 2000: The Ethics of Electronic Information in the 21st Century, A Scholarly Symposium at the University of Memphis, 5 - 8 October 2000, Memphis, Tennessee, USA. Call for proposals. The deadline for submission of abstracts is 24 March 2000.
  • ICC'2000: International ICSC Symposium on Interactive and Collaborative Computing, 12 - 15 December 2000, University of Wollongong (near Sydney), Australia. Call for papers. The deadline for submission is 31 March 2000.
  • Classification for User Support and Learning, 12 November 2000, Chicago, Illinois, USA. Call for papers. Deadline for submission is 1 April 2000.
  • Information Doors -- Where Inforamtion Search and Hypertext Link, 30 May 2000, San Antonio, Texas, USA. Call for papers. The deadline for submission is 5 April 2000.
  • CCS 2000: 7th ACM Conference on Computer and Communication Security, 1 - 4 November 2000, Athens, Greece. Call for papers. Submission deadline for abstracts is 30 April 2000.
  • Goings On
  • Digitising Journals: Conference on future strategies for European libraries, 13 - 14 March 2000, Copenhagen, Denmark.
  • National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) Electronic Documents Conference, 16 - 17 March 2000, Gaithersburg, Maryland, USA.
  • CHI 2000: ACM SIGCHI Conference on Human Factors in Computing Systems, 1 - 6 April 2000, The Hague, The Netherlands.
  • Electronic Commerce in Information Industries: Technical Frontiers and Institutional Issues for Information Management Professionals, 2 - 4 April 2000, University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign, Illinois, USA.
  • Diversity Now: People, Collections, and Services in Academic Libraries, 3 - 4 April 2000, University of Texas, Austin, Texas, USA.
  • EGUK2000: 18th Eurographics UK Conference, 4 - 6 April 2000, Swansea, United Kingdom.
  • 10th Conference on Computers, Freedom & Privacy: Challenging the Assumptions, 4 - 7 April 2000, Toronto, Ontario, Canada.
  • NEXT 1.0: An International Conference, sponsored by the Media and Communications Department of Karlsbad University, 5 - 7 April 2000, Karstad, Sweden.
  • ASIS Summit 2000 Information Architecture: Defining Information Architecture, 7 - 9 April 2000, Boston, Massachusetts, USA.
  • Search Engines and Beyond, 10 - 11 April 2000, Boston, Massachusetts, USA.
  • SCECSAL 2000: Standing Conference of Eastern, Central and Southern African Librarians, 10 - 15 April 2000, Windhoek, Namibia.
  • ICDCS 2000: The 20th International Conference on Distributed Computing Systems, 12 - 14 April 2000, Paris, France.
  • Museums and the Web 2000, 16 - 19 April 2000, Minneapolis, Minnesota, USA.
  • Managing the Digital Future of Libraries, 18 - 19 April 2000, Russian State Library, Moscow, Russia.
  • The Ninth Off-Campus Library Services Conference (OCLS), 26 - 28 April 2000, Portland, Oregon, USA.
  • CONSAL 2000 - 11th Congress of Southeast Asian Librarians: Stepping into the New Millennium, Challenges for Library and Information Professionals, 26 - 28 April 2000, Singapore, Malaysia.
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