SMET-Lib Workshop

Purpose of the Workshop

The following statement provides the background to the proposed digital library for undergraduate science education:

A digital library can respond to needs articulated by the National Science Foundation, the academic community, and corporate leaders for accelerating and spreading much needed improvements in science, mathematics, engineering, and technology education. Capitalizing on recent developments, digital libraries can provide the following.

  • A forum for the merit review and recognition of quality educational resources.
  • A mechanism for electronic dissemination of information about high-quality educational materials, pedagogical practices, and implementation strategies.
  • A centralized registry and archive for educational resources and a mechanism for their dissemination.
  • A resource for research in teaching and learning.
  • A workplace facilitating cooperative work with shared educational resources.

The purpose of this workshop is to advise the NSF on the first steps in implementing these goals, in particular, to identify and address issues related to content development and faculty use of digital libraries for undergraduate education in science, mathematical, educational, and technology. It will bring together faculty who are potential users, authors who are potential contributors, and other stakeholders with a national library's potential architects to identify mechanisms and standards that will enable such a library to reach its goals. Input and advice from potential library users are critical to the design and development of the library and its content.

The workshop will outline a report to the NSF that will be released in Fall 1998. The report is expected to concentrate on two key issues:

  • The expected academic impact of a digital library on undergraduate education and the characteristics that a digital library must have to ensure that impact.
  • At outline of possible implementation strategies, including possible needs for further research and study.

The SMETE-Lib web pages and mailing list are hosted by D-Lib with support from the NSF's Division of Undergraduate Education.


Last revised: April 16, 1998