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September 2002

Volume 8 Number 9

ISSN 1082-9873

Authors in the September 2002 Issue of D-Lib Magazine

Suzie Allard

Suzie Allard is a Presidential Doctoral Fellow and instructor in the College of Communications and Information Studies at the University of Kentucky. Her work focuses on how the digital library environment facilitates knowledge creation and innovation by encouraging international information communication and document creation. Suzie is currently the chair of ASIST's SIG-DL (Special Interest Group on Digital Libraries).

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Portrait of Suzie Allard

Karen Butter

Karen Butter, University Librarian and Assistant Vice Chancellor, Library Services and Instructional Technology at the University of California San Francisco, came to UCSF in 1992. She became deputy director in 1993, Acting University Librarian in 1997 and University Librarian in 2000. She has worked actively to develop the UCSF library's archives and special collections. In 1993, the library began collecting and processing material about the San Francisco and California initiatives to control smoking. With the growth of the Internet, this led to the digital library component for tobacco, beginning with the Brown and Williamson documents in 1995, the publication of the Cigarette Papers with UC Press in 1996, and other tobacco documents. Prior to coming to UCSF, Ms. Butter was the deputy director of the William H. Welch Medical Library at the Johns Hopkins University.

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Portrait of Karen Butter

Marlan Green, Sue Soy, Stan Gunn and Patricia Galloway

Marlan Green, Sue Soy, and Stan Gunn developed the TERM Model in the course "Problems in Permanent Retention of Electronic Records", taught by Assistant Professor Patricia Galloway at the Graduate School of Library and Information Science, University of Texas-Austin in the spring of 2002. A much longer paper was prepared explaining the model to representatives of the Texas Department of Information Resources and the Texas State Library and Archives Commission. This longer paper was then presented before a regular meeting of the Records Management Interagency Coordinating Council, and it continues in active discussion. Marlan Green is in his final year of preservation and conservation studies, specializing in the preservation of digital information. Sue Soy and Stan Gunn are both PhD students specializing in archival enterprise. Stan Gunn works for the Texas Youth Commission and Sue Soy works at the Austin History Center, City of Austin, Texas.

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Photo of Marlan Green M. Green

Photo of Sue Soy S. Soy

Photo of Patricia Galloway P. Galloway

Thomas B. Hickey

Thom Hickey helped found the Office of Research at OCLC in 1977, and has been Chief Scientist at OCLC since 1994. His interests include electronic publishing, information retrieval and display, and metadata creation and editing systems. In addition to working on FRBR work-level algorithms, he leads a group investigating how to harvest and derive relationships from diverse metadata objects. He also serves as chair of the standards committee of the Networked Digital Library of Theses and Dissertations ( Dr. Hickey did his graduate work at SUNY Geneseo and at the University of Illinois.

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Portrait of Thomas B. Hickey

Emile L. Morse

Emile Morse is a Computer Scientist in the Visualization and Usability Group at the National Institute of Standards and Technology. Her major areas of interest are CSCW and visualization of abstract information spaces, especially with respect to evaluation of collaborative and visual interfaces. Her projects include the Industry USability Reporting (IUSR) project (, which has recently produced the ANSI/INCITS-approved CIF (Common Industry Format for reporting usability results). She also heads up the CIFter project (, which is looking at benchmarking website evaluation methodologies. She received her doctorate in Information Science from the University of Pittsburgh.

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Portrait of Emile L. Morse

Edward T. O'Neill

Edward T. O'Neill joined the staff at the Office of Research, OCLC Online Computer Library Center, as a Senior Research Scientist in 1983, serving as co-acting Director of Research from 1993 until 1994. Since 1990 he has been Consulting Research Scientist. Dr. O'Neill did his graduate work at Purdue University in Operations Research. He was a faculty member in the School of Information and Library Studies at the University at Buffalo and was later Dean of the Matthew A. Baxter School of Library and Information Science at Case Western Reserve University. His research interests include authority control, subject analysis, database quality, preservation, collection management, bibliographic relationships, and Web characterization.

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Portrait of Edward O'Neill

Edie M. Rasmussen

Edie Rasmussen is currently a Professor in the School of Information Sciences, University of Pittsburgh, and has also held academic appointments in Canada, Malaysia, Singapore, and New Zealand. She has been active in the Information Retrieval and Digital Library research communities, having served as Conference Chair for the ACM International Conference on Research and Development in Information Retrieval, the ACM International Conference on Digital Libraries, and currently as Conference Chair for the ASIS&T 2002 Annual Meeting. Her current research interests include indexing and information retrieval in text and multimedia databases.

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Portrait of Edie Rasmussen

Cynthia Rider

Cynthia Rider is a librarian. She indexed thousands of tobacco industry documents and participated in the project team that developed the Legacy Tobacco Documents Library. Ms. Rider is currently a reference librarian in the San Mateo Public Library system.

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Heidi Schmidt

Heidi Schmidt has been Director of Academic Information Systems at the Library/Center for Knowledge Management at the University of California San Francisco since 2000. The Center for Knowledge Management provides technical expertise and support for digital library projects and technology-mediated instruction. Ms. Schmidt was in the first group of Frye Institute fellows in 2000.

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Portrait of Heidi Schmidt

Martha Kellogg Smith

Martha Smith is a PhD student at The Information School, University of Washington. She received an MLIS (2000) and a PhD in Art History (1989) from the University of Washington, and worked most recently for Corbis Corporation, a commercial digital image archives, for five years supervising the cataloging of art and historic architecture images. Her research interests are visual information, visual resources, and visual literacy, and systems for the organization and retrieval of images for uses of all kinds.

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Jenny Toves

Jenny Toves joined OCLC Online Computer Library Center in 1984 and currently is a Software Architect in the Office of Research. She is working on projects exploring metadata. The projects are attempting to analyze and extract metadata, identify relationships in metadata and bring up servers based on these relationships. Her other projects include work on FirstSearch, CORC (Connexion) and the project to migrate the WorldCat database to an Oracle platform.

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Portrait of Jenny Toves
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