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Usability Testing
Collector Tool
Collection Browse screen is missing a link to advanced search. X      
Image file downloading window does not identify file types. X      
Menus in Collector Tool should be reorganized to group similar tasks into submenus. X      
Request that additional data elements, including all associated dates and rights, be included in the metadata view within the Tool.   X    
Standardize the labeling of Web page creation options in Collector Tool. X      
Standardize the name of the Collector Tool and ImageViewer in the installer, window titles, and menu options. X      
Updating web pages created through the Collector Tool does not provide an overwrite warning. X      
Request for the ability to place duplicates of digital images within in a collection that they make.   X    
Request that blank placeholders be available in constructing their digital slideshows.   X    
Request for the ability to selectively include certain types of metadata when creating web pages.   X X  
Request for the ability to see a URL for an individual image to use as a pointer to object.   X    
Request to add list printing feature.   X    
Ability to integrate personal digital images and those from licensed collections with repository images for use in slide shows and web pages.   X X  
When organizing images in the light box for use in split screen or two screens, they want to be able to see them in two separate light box spaces.     X  
Requested black as the background color for the slide shows instead of gray.   X X  
In the split screen slide show, some thought that a bit more buffer space was needed down the center between the two images.     X  
They all want an option to create offline slide shows for use in rooms where there is no network access, or at remote locations.   X X  
Where blanks are inserted into collections for slide shows, some would like the option of creating a text label that will appear instead of the blank, like a title slide.     X  
They would like to be able to not just add a custom label to an image, but to be able to add a lengthier annotation and to provide an annotation to describe the collection itself.     X  
Image Interface
Need a more user friendly page when a search produces no results. X      
Search term should be highlighted in the text in a Full Information display for an item from a query results set. X      
Standardize the labeling of items in Tools & Actions menu. X      
The title-only results display should include creator names. X      
Users should be able to limit an advanced search to a single collection. X      
Very long titles affect the grid display for image results; they should be truncated. X      
Request that additional elements be available for advanced searching.   X    
Request that image search results return only the images that match, not all images from a match's related parent object.   X X X
When viewing the display of metadata for a complex object, they wondered why there was not more metadata on the individual images available, such as when the source image was taken and who took it.     X  
In advanced searching, almost no users are specifying elements and are instead searching "anywhere" because they do not know what types of data are in each element.       X
"Not" should be available as a Boolean operator in advanced searching.       X
The tabbed presentation of viewing options for Image search results is often not seen by users.       X
The "Help" link is not always evident to the users.       X
Two users thought that being taken to metadata after clicking on a thumbnail was problematic, as users expect to be taken to a larger image when they click on a small image.       X
The menu option "Add to Collection" may not be clear enough that it allows a user to add an image to a personal collection.       X
Text Interface
Standardize the labeling of items in Tools & Actions menu. X      
Users should be able to limit an advanced search to a single collection. X      
Sorting should be available for results display. X      
Results display is lacking volume numbers. X      
Provide author in addition to title on search results display. X      
Need a more user friendly page when a search produces no results. X      
Moving from a search results hit in context takes the user to a much larger section than is useful. X      
Some author names are not displaying in text view header. X      
Sub-collection browsing is not yet available. X      
Request for the ability to collect page image to be added to thumbnails in the transcription text view.     X  
Finding Aid Interface
Finding Aid browse is needed to present the entire collection, sorted by title. X      
Add the navigation to display just specific portions of a Finding Aid. X      
Add a simple search box to Finding Aid viewing that allows the user to search within the individual EAD file. X