How SCAM got into this?

The following message appeared on DBWORLD, a world-wide mailing list for researchers interested in databases, on the 27th of April 1995. This has been reproduced with the permission of Prof. Herlihy (

I am seeking your help in investigating a possible case of plagerism.  Does
anyone recognize the following abstract and section titles?  Judging from the
citations, the original probably dates from 1991 or 1992.

        Maurice Herlihy


This paper explores atomic commitment among heterogeneous distributed
databases.  Two cases are considered, one where the individual databases
participating in the system do not externalize their commit protocols, and a
second, where the participating databases do externalize their commit
protocols.  With regard to the latter case I am proposing new heterogeneous
commit protocols, one for joining databases that have different 2-phase commit
protocols, and one for uniting databases which employ a 3-phase protocol
with others employing a 2-phase commit protocol.


1. Introduction
2. Merging 2-Phase commit databases
3. Merging 2-phase commit and 3-phase commit databases
3.1 A modified version of the 3pc protocol
3.2 Proof of correctness of the integrated commit protocol
4. Merging Algorithms
5 Summary

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