[Conway, Project Open Book, D-Lib Magazine (February 1996)]


Equipment Configuration

A. Microfilm Scanner
B. Image Optimizer
C. Scanning Work Station
D. Optical Disc Drive
E. Indexing Work Station
F. Quality Control Work Station
G. File Management Work Station
H. Microfilm Cleaner
I. Optical Disc Jukebox
J. Shared Hard Drive
K. Document Server
L. Microfilm Reader
M. Densitometer
N. Film Inspection Light Box
O. Office Personal Computer
P. DocuWeb Hard Drive
Q. Ethernet Sub-net Hub
Other: (1) Telephone (2) Printers

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Furniture Configuration

  1. (1) Desk
  2. (12) Tables
  3. (2) Filing Cabinets
  4. (1) Supply Cabinet
  5. Multiple Book Shelves
  6. (1) Paper Recycling Bin
  7. (2) Trash Cans
  8. (1) Set of Microfilm Reels
  9. (16) Office Chairs

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Room Dimensions - (in feet and inches)

Total Room Space

22' x 24'9"

Office Space

8'10" x 10'4"

Ceiling Height


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